About us

Who we are

We are ‘Bags of Inspiration’ – a textile art focused company creating unique textile pieces for you to buy. We also provide kits with extensive instructions for you to make your own special piece of work! Our kits are the starting point for you to get your creative juices flowing allowing you to either recreate our pieces or to freestyle and be inspired.

All you need is a bag of inspiration and some basic sewing skills and you can create unique cushions, framed art works or perhaps a gift box or a scarf. The possibilities are endless!

What we do

We want to get you started in Textile Art! We can provide you with colourful kits containing sumptuous silks, felts, diaphanous organzas and metallic beads to inspire you to make beautiful things with basic skills. Hopefully, as you grow in confidence you will be able to tackle more complicated techniques and push yourself further!

If you don’t want to make your own textile art we can sell provide readymade pieces, either featuring our trademark squares or freer more abstract work.

If you wish to mark a special occasion in your family we can make a bespoke piece especially for you. A unique way to mark a milestone birthday, a marriage or a new baby!